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Piero Milani
Urban Underground
Free Style Funk Street Artist


About Me

My Background


Street Artist

My Medium


Acrylic Paint on Canvas

My Inspiration is igbe


Piero Milani is a full time Licensed Published Urban Underground Free Style Funk Street Artist. Born in Porto Santo Stefano Tuscany Italy. His Urban Underground Street Style Art is packed with energy, freedom, and  very child like. The rules do not apply to Piero, Pushing his work over the edge. His paintings are full of feeling and packed with endless colors. I describe my work as an undertow of social conscious. His philosophy is to paint what he feels, while making a contribution to humanity intellectually as an Artist with his paintings, and the love of art. Without creativity and love, the human race, will live sleeping, loosing its intellectuality. To be a fully awake conscious human, one must use the six elements mind, body, soul, passion, ego, and finally creativity.
Piero Milani  has paintings in Canada , North America, South America, Central America ,Asia, Australia, Europe.

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